Washington Irving…

…writing in the 1820s Tales of the Alhambra, about the palace of the Alhambra:

“…externally it is a rude congregation of towers and battlements, with no regularity of plan or grace of architecture…giving little promise of the grace and beauty which prevail within.”

Might there be a design lesson hidden in that observation regarding something seen from a distance?

Might there be an essential outside vs inside experience?

Might there be seeing when the viewer is moving vs seeing when the viewer is still?

Outside or Inside

…outside? …inside?

Your City and…Gezi Park

Isn’t it curious that the loss of a tree in a park, Gezi Park, and rumors of a new shopping center erupted into a huge series of protests in Istanbul?

Not surprising if you ask the question:

How many of us, city dwellers, have safe and easy walks to inspirational gardens and landscapes?

People can only live so long in cities without refreshing and inspirational gardens and landscapes…then they erupt.  People erupt due to a fundamental imbalance in their living conditions.  Fix your city, fix your neighborhood, before the eruption.