Crystal Vision and Labyrinthine Mists

As I move toward the completion of my second landscape story, Crystal Vision, I have updated the novella’s story line.

Labyrinthine Mists

Labyrinthine Mists is the landscape through which the main character moves.

Geo was from LA.  He was a young and successful landscape architect; yet he sensed…an unease.  He took an offer to work in Saudi Arabia, an excellent challenge where he would have exponentially larger responsibilities.

During his six years on the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, his professional and social life evolved inside a bubble, a cultural bubble protecting him from uncertainty…until…the bubble burst.

He lost his tether to ‘reality’ and began a blind journey into a landscape labyrinth.  A labyrinth by definition does not have an end; but Geo sensed…an obligation and something important to find.  And so, he embarked upon an exploration of labyrinthine landscapes he had never before imagined.

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