Parc Güell , Barcelona

Contemporary look at Gaudi’s Park Guell

Life as we see it..



Parc Güell is a must see in Barcelona. And I suggest you to go there for an excellent panoramic view of the city. You can by metro or bus. But if you go by metro, you have to walk quite a lot. Bus drops you just in front of the gate of the park. The park is UNESCO world heritage site.

3132 DSC04393

You may take Bus 24 from Parallel metro or 90 from Hospital de Sant Pau.



IMG_3122 IMG_3124

IMG_3091 IMG_3090

Colonnaded pathway  is an unique  architechture, where the road projects out from the hillside, with the vaulting forming a retaining wall  which curves over to support the road, and transmits the load onto sloping columns.

DSC04402 IMG_3068 DSC_4135

DSC04408 DSC04473

The outside park does not need any ticket. Only the monument area needs ticket, which is 7 euro. The park is a public park system composed of gardens and architectonic elements located on Carmel Hill. Carmel Hill…

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2 thoughts on “Parc Güell , Barcelona

  1. This park has a certain charisma–most because of the architectural form and details by Gaudi. But in you photos you captured Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island Date Palms, in bright yellow/orange/red fruiting showing a simple fashion in which trees can add to the character of the public realm.


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