Prim Roses: the revolution

…see to believe…

Primula urbanica

Fighting to re-occupy what we humans call the city, the 21st century warriors, Primula urbanica, escaped captivity and weaponised to take the battle to the humans.

Don’t we all dream of this day of reckoning?!

…the fight is on…

They’re over the barriers already!!!

Look!!! They’re pouring over the barriers!! Victory is in our grasp!

…rest and relaxation…

Primula vulgaris

The Prim Roses back at camp, some resting from combat, others in training. For decades they suffered indignities. Humans spat foul names at them. Vulgaris they endured.

Until they discovered the portal to the inner secrets of the Berner Oberland. Behind the scenes, evolution became weaponised and the revolution began. In the dark corners of unknown-to-tourists stubbes can be heard the whispered discussions of Prim Roses: Flowers at every doorstep–no more easy access to cars!

…the wilding…

Primula vera

Just past the edge of town, along the creeks, the Wildings keep a cool eye on operations, the battles in town. Sweet revenge. Order returns.

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