…from the earth…

…the changing of the airs…

There are days when I look across the valley and see flows of clouds, flows of clouds I do not understand. Right side of the brain…nil. Left side of the brain…nil.

Yet, I am entranced by the beauties of the flows…

Other days, I wake up, eager to see those flows…and I find…what might as well be infinitely far away…something in that distance…all by itself…sigh.

the ether the sky

…and it begins…

I sigh confronted by beauty I can not fathom. Clouds…if I can not grasp them in my hands, how can I describe them? How can I write about them?



5 thoughts on “…Clou…d…s…

  1. Clouds are terrestrial. They are lifeforms of the Earth. They are not just water molecules. Particles are required for the water molecules to attach to. These come from the Earth such as dust, pollen, smoke, salt spray, jet plane exhaust, even kelp exudes a gas which forms clouds. Watch the sky for a while–clouds form above creeks and wet ravines as plants transpire particles. Your own breath makes its contribution. Clouds are mirrors of the landscapes below. You will notice they dont mix with each other, but pile up like flexing skin wrinkles. I compare them to coral reefs. So they have a taxonomy of their own, familes, genera, species. Clouds are unique to their landscape regions. I hope this helps.

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  2. Thanks, Grant–life forms of the earth–I think that is how I see their part in what I describe as ‘the changing of the airs’. Deep breathes of ‘fresh air’ that recharge the lungs. Those clouds are especially rich at ground level and appear to enrich the air in many ways as they dissipate. My two cents.


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