Bi-seasonal…yes, I am



Winter does not easily melt away to spring…



…but when it does…it does so beautifully.

Sliding past winter to spring. The pleasure present and the pleasure soon to come.

Walkable Neighborhoods

…just around the corner…

As The Twilight Zone’s Rod Serling might have said: …a street in any town…

My two cents worth… What is at the heart of a comfortably walkable neighborhood?

1. Public ways that have human scale. Like the above.

Comment: Originally built before autos—but still able to accommodate wagons and animals. How can these be built today and meet your local and regional health and safety requirements? Maybe it is time to rethink health and safety requirements?

2. Social communities where people are truly respectful of neighbors. Like the above.

Comment: Where true respect exists, people do not worry about personal effects (see lower right above) being defaced or stolen. Or covered with graffiti and tags which often these days are the first signs of disrespectful neighbors.

Care for a walk?

Coniferous Infrastructure

Coniferous Infrastructure

The snowfall on the branches tells me the story of coniferous infrastructure.

Water, flowing up and down the trunk road interstate, branches off to the regional limited-access freeway, then via highways to cities and on to local neighborhoods until arriving at each needle, each home…pausing at the stomata, before finally exiting to begin its mystical cycle again.

Water supply infrastructure for these conifers.

Big time flows.

Big time pipes.

Ground water.




I love the feel.