15 thoughts on “Stroke Dreams

  1. Aha! Sorry to hear about your stroke. We have been up in Europe for four months and ‘off post’ for the duration. Hope you gain full recovery. Both my elder brothers have suffered similarly, one of whom will never regain full use of his left side but gets about with the aid of a walking stick and has mentally adjusted to his limitations. At 77 yrs old he’s is quite philosophical about his “denouement” and quite content, leading a very active social life.
    Anyway, we look forward to more detail of the “Lots of things have happened.” 🙂


  2. Life sometimes hits us like a two-by-four, upsetting plans, bringing us to our knees gasping and grasping for life. I heard a song today, one line of which says “Running out of time is a gift … ” Having been through tough patches this past year I would agree. Hitting a wall is a definite wake-up call, a reminder that each moment — and moments are all we really have — is special. May healing thoughts and peace of mind fill yours.


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