Action Redux



Phoenix dactylifera finds its way north to the cold of winter.

I am living in the Northern Hemisphere in a region where serious winter occurs as freezing water and ground along with regular snows, so how is it that I am eating dates which do not grow naturally anywhere near here?

That is almost a third grade geography question. 🙂

But it needs an answer. Shipping and transportation of foodstuffs in our modern world, we should not take it for granted, should we?


3 thoughts on “Action Redux

  1. Here in Britain many are questioning the lunacy that sees us buying plastics that are manufactured in China, which when discarded are then shipped all the way back to China to be recycled, reconfigured for shipping halfway round the world again. And again, ad infinitum.

    And now that China is reducing the amount we can send back to them how quickly can government support the processing, recycling and reuse of said material (and reduction of its use, for heaven’s sake) before it all starts going back to landfill.

    Utter lunacy, but that’s capitalism, I suppose.

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