Quarantine at the edge of town

All of us are experiencing quarantine in one form or another. 

But the edge of town? What is that? Traditionally the edge of town was the place where fertile flat lands were cultivated for agriculture that was more valuable than town housing. And necessary.

So, yesterday I took a walk–quarantine all around. Walked by myself. As I walked across town, I saw an open bakery, an open grocery store and an open drug store.  Everything else was closed.


The town had plenty signs of spring–the forsythias always shout with joy.


At the edge of town, I saw the agricultural landscape, the spring green of willow trees and the hopeful construction of a tree house.


Then I saw the farmhouse–so many activities related to food. Farms are amazing producers and guardians.


At one entry to the farmhouse, I was reminded of the simplest of their products–available almost any day of the year. Direct from the farm: eggs, jams, Alp cheese, goat cheese.

Quarantined? Take a walk. Check out the edge of town.


7 thoughts on “Quarantine at the edge of town

  1. Done it today in the sunshine: across the bridge, past once flooded buildings and fields, along a stretch of canal and then back home — all while giving any passers-by a good two metres clearance. Feeling happier, and even virtuous.

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  2. We live where the forest meets the ocean and can indeed enjoy edge-of-town walks. I wish we has the luxury or passing small farms like in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. Alas, our rural residents are even further removed from the edge of town. Missing Europe very much right now! Wishing you well!

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