Curious Tales Prequel 01

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In Curious Tales, CJ wrote:

“I was at sea–absolutely nothing was certain.

“Back home, at university, in my original Design Study Statement, I wrote that I would evaluate the use of water features in the Moroccan medina urban public realm, with a view toward deriving a metric of understanding their physical and cultural components.

“I must be frank. I almost failed this self-directed Moroccan design study.

“My time in Tangier took me to some deep places—some I had seen before. Others? Most peculiar…I didn’t know where I was. And others still where I was glad to be.”

But that is CJ’s tale; this prequel is my story.

A weak breeze and a few late wisteria flowers prepared me to be charmed by the view of the Strait of Gibraltar the way I like it–a safe distance, a comfortable distance away from that strangely aggressive magic, that throbbing aura of Joseph Conrad’s Africa. The more I thought about it, the more I could feel that hot African breath prickling the back of my neck.

I had been strolling lazily, inspecting the Gibraltar hotel where I was staying. I walked through the Barbary Bar out onto the shaded Wisteria Terrace. Nobody was sitting out there. Off season. Siesta time of day. Perfect quiet for me, perfect for daydreaming–my way of searching for the orange gardens of the Hesperides.

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Please share this with your like-minded friends especially if they are:

-A nature lover or a landscape aficionado;

-Curious about all things green—the environment, plants, gardening, horticulture; or

-Intrigued about the northwest Africa multi-cultural, mystical history of people and plants.


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