Silly Realizations

Slack jaw…? Silly statistics.

I’m an American.

In 1982, I acquired an International Drivers License as I prepared to go, via Europe, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the sequential license numbering, I was one of 511,000 International Drivers License holders.

In 2006, 24 years later, I acquired another International Drivers License, as I prepared to go, via Europe, to the United Arab Emirates. According to that same sequential license numbering, this time I was one of 71,000,000 International Drivers License holders.

My conclusion. Airline ticket prices have not grown as fast as inflation. You can ask yourself why. Myself, I had more fun with my primrose and crazy paving post.

…always looking for HOPE?

Where to find it?

Today I was lucky.

I discovered hope in a simple home made courtyard.


When looking for hope…it can always be found…don’t give up…expand your search…change the scale of observation…works for me. Primula vulgaris and flagstone paving.


Jungfrau in cloud

Clouds, almost like lingerie on a quiet, sunny winter day–the level of mystery–what is really there that I can’t see? I want to see more.

Lord Byron saw it in storm and had quite a different take, documented in his poem, ‘Manfred‘.


The view south toward the Jungfrau massif from the Interlaken region. Real estate agents might call this the million dollar view.

Old Age

As I observe old age taking interest in my body, it shades my observations of the landscape.


This apple tree is also under the influence of old age; yet it has retained a balance even though having experienced extreme events during its lifetime. Everybody struggles through life. But how to achieve balance? That is a mystery. Faith? Hope?



…dream or old school or sustainable?


From the forest to the town.


In the town.




Neighbors in the duplex make the shared balconies their own. Note finishing details–they are rough but they stand the test of time. Century? Two centuries? Older?


Not everyone keeps them in museum quality. It is expensive; and believe it or not, it is not in compliance with current energy standards. And how much to upgrade in order to meet those standards?