If I could…and then the fairy appeared before me. Yeah, in my dreams!

IMG_0282 (1)

If I could write with the emotion and mystery of these clouds moving ever so slowly but always with magnificent beauty, incredible balance.

And challenges. These clouds offer visual, emotional and intellectual challenges that encourage science to escape Pandora’s box, something I’ve never done.


Railing about what?

Once upon a time…and then it was yesterday…and you are reading this today.

In a land of mountain trains–funiculars, cable cars and narrow gauge cogwheel trains. They are slow and they get you high.

Why? Why get high?

I’ll let the following photos tell the story. You will be in the Bernese Highlands of the Jungfrau Region, the northern pre-mountains, above 2,000 meters in the Swiss Alps. Why build these mechanical contraptions to get high?

Here are the trains that get you high.


Passenger cars–note narrow gauge and cogwheel. Start at 600 meters, finish at 2,300 meters.


Passenger cars and engine–small and strong–electric power. 


Engine close up–attached in front of the engine is a cart for transporting goods and construction materials.


Once you are high…the air is thin, fresh, cool and the distances…magical.


Mountains–Eiger, Monch, Junfrau with the Mannlichen gipfel amidst the clouds in the foreground.


Paths to explore, paths for discovering.




Going deep in.


Can’t get enough.

Upper Balconies

Deep in the back row of the upper, upper balconies, which are all full today, you can do whatever you want because no one will see you. Can you hear the sonata?


Clouds fill the upper balconies. 

Mountains Birthing Clouds

Swiss Alps, Bernese Highlands, Jungfrau Region. North side of range.

What more can I say?


At 1400 meters above sea level, amongst the forests.


At 3000 meters above sea level, above the tree line.

Stuck on a metaphor

Is this a living landscape where the sun, the earth and moisture combine in a joyous dance? Or am I reading too much into it?

Is this a living landscape where the sun, the earth and moisture combine in a joyous dance? Or am I reading too much into it? I see a dance hall.


Is this the invitation to dance? I think the moisture emerging from the earth in that cloud is wanting to dance in the sun. This cloud wants its dance card signed.

Dancing clouds—I’m stuck on that metaphor.

I’ve lived on many continents, in many climates but only in this region have I felt—joyous, dancing clouds. Only here have I seen the clouds emerge from the earth.

Yesterday I watched clouds emerge from the earth, become dancing players in the sky and then dissolve before my eyes. Over and over. Great pleasure indeed I had.

For dedicated cloud watchers, I have, in this region, learned to distinguish between watching the dance and participating in the dance. Yesterday I watched.

Here are some of the players arriving for the dance–look carefully–each has its own style:





I’m stuck in that metaphor; and I don’t mind. It is a simple pleasure.