Vegan World

Here is a collection of images I have taken of plants and landscapes the past days as winter descends and the first frost arrives.


Winter descends. Previously we had snow only 2000 meters elevation and above. Last night, I fell asleep listening to the slow and peaceful pitter patter of rain falling softly on the roof. I woke up this morning to find the snow had snuck down to 700 meters elevation.


After this tree’s branches and trunk have built barns, built and heated homes, the remnants have become the nourishment for how many other living entities? Everything gets eaten in the end.


Frost bite, frost burn, yet there is some beauty in this image. Is there a lesson to be learned?


The frost is not the end but a tell that the end is near. In the background, the babbling brook runs away from that truth.




Frost…can there be anything more ephemeral than frost?

…ummm…our presence on earth?

🙂 Let me try again. The humour in this reality?

Once more…the pleasure as I observed the morning frost on that wood bench in the Schynige Platte Botanical Alpine Garden? Is that better? 🙂

Sweet pleasure. Ephemeral. Always sought. Always welcomed. Always missed.

…the big picture…

And then I stood up, took a long, slow, deep breath, and turned around…I understood.