Landscape meet Garden

I’ve been writing landscape adventure stories the past couple years, and in a strange fashion, the narrators of each story have taught me new perceptions of landscape architecture and design.

For example, the narrator of Crystal Vision explained to me that landscape harbors danger for humans and that garden is safe and primarily provides for quiet introspection and also for active and regular energy exchange. The narrator explained further that both landscape and garden are deficient if not dominated by plants sustained by adequate water.

Yeah, it did make sense to me, anyone else agree?


It all happens at the town’s edge.

Clandestine Portals

What are they and why clandestine—it is about service to plants, to gardens, to landscapes—it is about surrendering to the plants—listening, hearing…then letting time slip away…then being… with open channels…open ports of reception…then by miracle…portals become accessible.

Only you can do it.

It’s between you and the plants. Look at a favorite plant…listen and hear…let it enter…and serve it. Let quiet begin…there is something there if you are in receptive mode, rather than controlling mode.

The portal is always clandestine.