I had lunch, with a couple chums, over at my friend’s place today.


In case you think it was too early to have a picnic…just nearby the first spring hay was being cut. And, oh how I wish I could share with you that sweet spring green fragrance.


This is the pasture the morning before it was cut.


In German speaking Switzerland, on the north face of the Bernese Highlands at about 600 meters above sea level…


It is time to wake up because…


Spring is here!


Look carefully, spring is everywhere.


Neighbors—good, bad or indifferent.

Do they mind their own business?

Do they foist their life philosophy?

Or…are you glad for them?


My neighbors—why are they always so jolly?

The Gnomist

Sharon Liese directed and produced the above video, The Gnomist.

Made me think about plants, trees, forests, landscapes…and how human access to them can occur on so many levels–physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual–amazing.

Shouldn’t every city have these gnome ecosystems within a ten minute walk from everyone’s front door? Why not?

Dreams, aspirations…realities…take the journey.


Irish Roots

…must be seen…

…Irish roots work magic in the forest…

I walked through the forest. Neither the date, nor the day mattered. It was in the north. It was in the mountains. Spruce forest. Densely packed, tall trees, more than 100 feet each.

I walked a ridge in that forest. The canopy sheltered. I wasn’t cold. Somewhere, way up there, was sun. Thin, narrow, fractured beams twinkled and sparkled near my feet.

Delicate cloud edges whisped. They came close…on the edges of forming or dissipating or both…here and there…from time to time.

I was tired from walking and climbing. I looked for a place to sit. My Irish roots have always worked magic for me in forests. So it was today when I was invited to sit down and take the shelter of a mushroom.

The ground was soft and the mushroom stem gently molded itself to my spine and rib cage. I was comfortable. My breathing became easy. It slowed. The rhythm eased my eyelids shut.

Gnomes, Chelsea 2013 or otherwise…

In 2013, the Royal Horticultural Society admitted Gnomes to the Chelsea Flower Show, but only by caveat that they be used to help grow funding to encourage younger people’s interest in horticulture.  This fit nicely into British tradition, well delineated by David Bowie’s 1967 single, The Laughing Gnome, available here on YouTube.

But the last word is, in a true Germanic sense, very serious, written by Franz Hartmann 1895, Among the Gnomes, An Occult Tale of Adventure in the Untersberg.  The Untersberg is a mountain on the border of Germany and Austria.  Within the Untersberg are unterwegs connecting…connecting to…Bonigen, Switzerland, where…






I discovered these fellows doing their duties.