I’m ok, if…

…I can’t tell the difference between the onset of old age and covid19, 20 or whatever*.

No matter how I look at it…


…up close, can’t tell one from the other.


…or from distance, don’t know the source or destination. Just in the flow.

And ahead,


There still are challenges, mysteries, discoveries…if I just take a step forward.

*covid, China virus, Kung flu, Wang Chung?!! Everybody have fun tonight.



Silly Realizations

Slack jaw…? Silly statistics.

I’m an American.

In 1982, I acquired an International Drivers License as I prepared to go, via Europe, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to the sequential license numbering, I was one of 511,000 International Drivers License holders.

In 2006, 24 years later, I acquired another International Drivers License, as I prepared to go, via Europe, to the United Arab Emirates. According to that same sequential license numbering, this time I was one of 71,000,000 International Drivers License holders.

My conclusion. Airline ticket prices have not grown as fast as inflation. You can ask yourself why. Myself, I had more fun with my primrose and crazy paving post.


…or too much time…

I’ve got too much time on my hands—it’s the only way I can explain this stretched metaphor where the skin on one’s face and plant cover on the earth are equated.

If plants are the skin, the face of the earth, then…

…lay down, close your eyes…

The sky, the earth, the clouds and water combine to give the most unique of deep and revitalizing facial treatments to the plants.


And afterwards…all are glowing…absolutely glorious…everyone is smiling!