Is there a promise?

I see it! I see It!!!

Don’t look too close…or…

Fleeting nature of promises…or eternal nature of promises?


Spot the difference

Two pics,

Same time,

Same place,

Spot the difference.

Swiss Alps, Berner Oberland, Jungfrau Region, 11AM, 2Apr2021–the difference? 2000 meters above sea level.

Swiss Alps, Berner Oberland, Jungfrau Region, 11AM, 2Apr2021–the difference? 600 meters above sea level.

Isn’t that amazing?

What are we sure about in this life?

The weather?

The coming of spring?



Daily concerns often are little more than a good ha-ha.

Jungfrau in cloud

Clouds, almost like lingerie on a quiet, sunny winter day–the level of mystery–what is really there that I can’t see? I want to see more.

Lord Byron saw it in storm and had quite a different take, documented in his poem, ‘Manfred‘.


The view south toward the Jungfrau massif from the Interlaken region. Real estate agents might call this the million dollar view.

Trees Telling Forests Things


Can’t tell the forest from the trees. Or is it the other way around–can’t tell the trees from the forest. Can’t tell. 


Can’t tell the trees from the trunk and branches.


Can’t tell the trunk and branches from the leaves.


Can’t tell the leaves from the needles and cones.


Can’t tell anything…I’m lost…and happy…don’t tell.


First Snow–not quite


It’s that time of year for snow–mid-November, northern hemisphere, in highlands ski country, though the weather is not quite ready to play.

…but we can fix that…fire up the snow machines!

Autumn Mysteries Revealed…

…in the mountains…in one hour.

…beneath the clouds…

Autumn leaves are like forty years of a happy marriage.

…in the clouds…

The future is always unseen, uncertain, filled with anxiety.

…above the clouds…

Died and gone to heaven–all is clear.

These images revealed themselves over 15 minutes during an 800 meter climb on a cogwheel train in the Bernese Oberland Swiss Alps.

…soft soldanella

…soft soldanella…Though the crocus sit tightly on the earth, the soldanella dares raise its head.

…soldanella team emerges…

…and gradually small delicate colonies emerge…I am sure we have spring now…right?

…too busy…I almost missed Spring…5…nextlast