Forests, Dreams and Fairytales

Forests and Dreams (1)

Have you ever been where black forests white, only to feel winter pushing at the edge, unleashing colored dreams?

These are the forests of fairytales. Forests, where blacks and whites dissolve…into the always gray, always shady dreams…or do they?

Color or gray, dreams invariably have misty, shapeshifting edges where certainty and uncertainty jostle. And the fairytales? Were they once dreams, or…?


Lenihan, Stories, Landscape

Can you feel this? Give it ten minutes.

About people who have lived their lives in a living landscape…and seen…and heard…those things that most of us don’t want to hear or talk about.

Tell me if it is not so?

Eddie Lenihan

And what about your garden, your neighborhood, your nearby landscapes?

Three loglines: interesting or boring?

A logline is a piece of movie jargon.  It is one sentence that tells the whole story.

So, as I continue to develop three landscape stories concurrently, I have revised their loglines:
The 23 Club: Amidst a team of unpredictable rogues and mercenary colleagues, a landscape architect has taken a challenge to build a set of luxurious gardens in the unforgiving sand dune landscape of the Empty Quarter.
Crystal Vision: An expatriate American, a mid-career landscape architect, for six years building and living in a new town in Saudi Arabia embarks on his own pilgrimage which takes him through the peculiar gardens and landscapes of Thailand and Switzerland, tracking a singular clue left by his recently deceased close friend and office colleague.
Yellow Dreams: To finish his last university class, a self directed design study, an American landscape architecture student goes to Morocco for six months where he is twisted by the deafening roar of the North African landscape complexities, endangering the completion of his study–endangering his graduation.
Interesting or boring?  Tell me.