Railing about what?

Once upon a time…and then it was yesterday…and you are reading this today.

In a land of mountain trains–funiculars, cable cars and narrow gauge cogwheel trains. They are slow and they get you high.

Why? Why get high?

I’ll let the following photos tell the story. You will be in the Bernese Highlands of the Jungfrau Region, the northern pre-mountains, above 2,000 meters in the Swiss Alps. Why build these mechanical contraptions to get high?

Here are the trains that get you high.


Passenger cars–note narrow gauge and cogwheel. Start at 600 meters, finish at 2,300 meters.


Passenger cars and engine–small and strong–electric power. 


Engine close up–attached in front of the engine is a cart for transporting goods and construction materials.


Once you are high…the air is thin, fresh, cool and the distances…magical.


Mountains–Eiger, Monch, Junfrau with the Mannlichen gipfel amidst the clouds in the foreground.


Paths to explore, paths for discovering.




Going deep in.


Can’t get enough.




Frost…can there be anything more ephemeral than frost?

…ummm…our presence on earth?

🙂 Let me try again. The humour in this reality?

Once more…the pleasure as I observed the morning frost on that wood bench in the Schynige Platte Botanical Alpine Garden? Is that better? 🙂

Sweet pleasure. Ephemeral. Always sought. Always welcomed. Always missed.

…the big picture…

And then I stood up, took a long, slow, deep breath, and turned around…I understood.

Vera…the truth

…vera--the truth…But I walked and I looked… …finally under those lower forests on a clearing, on a brookside, I found one, then again and again, I found others–all shouting at me with the cheerfulness of spring yellow in the wild. Primula vera–the truth?

…too busy…I almost missed Spring…7…nextlast

PS My helpful friends from the Alpen Garten at Schynige Platte have told me that it is not vera, it is elatior. But this spring it was vera to me…and I was elated!