The 23 Club 2015

The 23 Club 2015 version has been heavily edited. It is a leaner version.

A substantial bit of the back story that reveals the life of the protagonist, Erik Chalmers and his wife Madge in the Swiss Alps, specifically the Jungfrau Region of the Berner Oberland, has been moved to Appendix 1.

This same Appendix 1 contains some basic Arabian Peninsula cultural and natural landscape research facts that Erik examined online before taking on this new assignment to fix a five star destination resort–a resort under construction–a resort  in the Empty Quarter–a resort where the construction process had gone bad–off track, likely not to be the required high standard in time for a major international opening event.

The 2015 version story begins with Erik on his flight from Zurich to the Gulf Region in the Arabian Peninsula.

The 23 Club is a landscape story. It is fiction from fact. It is chiaroscuro. Erik Chalmers’ journey through geography…history…at best, like the story itself…chiaroscuro…always a blur, always a hope–for clarity, for an inspirational result.

The 23 Club 2015 Table of Contents follows:


The 23 Club

Immersed in the contemporary culture of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, against the backdrop of the Empty Quarter, The 23 Club tells the inside story of how an iconic project gets built in the oil rich, Gulf region of the Arabian Peninsula.

Table of Contents


© 2015 Edward Flaherty

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