The 23 Club Episode 3 Spike Lounge

The 23 Club, Episode 3::duration=23m30s

On his way to his first project meeting, Chalmers takes a Dubai taxi, and rides through a classic landscape design experience, to arrive at a P.G. Wodehouse golf club.

Chalmers, stepping over and around cross cultural challenges, meets the Client’s representative, an aggressive, white, South African expatriate, and begins a tension filled relationship.

Episode 3 has five Parts.

Part 01::Emirates Golf Club::Chalmers prepares to dive in to his project::dur=01m21s

Part 02::The Taxi::Dubai growth and Dubai humor::dur=03m19s

Part 03::Entry Experience::The landscape takes Chalmers for a ride::dur=05m28s

Part 04::The Vardon Clubhouse::Chalmers looks for P.G. Wodehouse primary landscape references::dur=04m12s

Part 05::Breakfast with Theuns::Chalmers meets a South African professional::dur=07m42s

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