The 23 Club Episode 2 It’s 2AM

The 23 Club, Episode 2::duration=18m30s

Chalmers returns to the Middle East via Bahrain and Dubai.  In Bahrain, he bumps into a past colleague, and friend, Jean-Claude Thibaut, a Belgian ethnobotanist.

During his Bahrain stopover and his first days in Dubai, Chalmers immediately encounters unimaginable real life cross cultural challenges.  Experienced as he is, he maneuvers through them, though not without damage.  

Episode 2 has five Parts.

Part 01::Dubai Arrival::Geographic space and cultural time shifts::dur=02m05s

Part 02::Kismet::Chalmers meets an old friend in Bahrain::dur=04m22s

Part 03::Day of Ali::Cultural tracks on the urban landscape::dur=03m11s

Part 04::Ashura Flashback::The taste of urban landscape::dur=04m28s

Part 05::The Fixer::The gold ring::dur=03m18s

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