The 23 Club Episode 1 Desertification

The 23 Club, Episode 1::duration=41m11s

Erik Chalmers had recently retired with his wife in a remote mountain valley in Central Switzerland.

Comfortable in this rural life, Swiss style, with all modern conveniences, he and his wife have their life turned upside down, when Chalmers’ fire, his landscape obsession, is rekindled, receiving an urgent request to return to the Middle East, the geographic area of his specialty, to fix a huge landscape project gone awry in the infamous Empty Quarter.

Episode 1 has seven Parts.

Part 01::Prologue::Erik Chalmers, in Switzerland, receives a request for services from the UAE::dur=02m12s

Part 02::Berner Alps::A sweet day in the Alps::dur=06m27s

Part 03::Madge::Erik’s wife has misgivings about his return to the Middle East::dur=03m50s

Part 04::The Cottage::Madge confronts Erik::dur=04m59s

Part 05::Erik Chalmers, Landscape Architect::Erik’s professional background, activities and weaknesses::dur=02m53s

Part 06::Empty Quarter Research::Erik uncovers ancient uncertainties while examining the Empty Quarter written record::dur=07m13s

Part 07::Arabia Felix::Erik summarizes the natural and cultural geography on a series of maps::dur=13m30s

There are eight maps in Part 7, Arabia Felix:

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