The 23 Club Episode 4 The Walk

The 23 Club, Episode 4::duration=29m43s

Chalmers meets the project Landscape Architecture Consultant at one of the best, the busiest, the newest nodes of multi-cultural social life in 21st Century Dubai.

There, he encounters the consultant’s cynical detachment, which could easily undermine Chalmers’ success on this project.

Episode 4 has seven Parts.

Part 01::A Large International Project::Chalmers explains the project process::dur=07m13s

Part 02::JBR Dubai::Dubai culture background and consultant background::dur=03m36s

Part 03::Geoffrey and Tang::Chalmers almost gets captured by the Far East::dur=04m47s

Part 04::Urban Pleasures, Dubai Style::An inside look at Dubai street culture::dur=02m18s

Part 05::Landscape Consultant::Chalmers probes::dur=03m43s

Part 06::Working in Dubai::Who is working, who is cheating::dur=03m04s

Part 07::Landscape Contractor::Important contacts::dur=3m32s

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