The 23 Club Episode 5 Rub Al Khali Coastal

The 23 Club, Episode 5::duration=41m34s

Chalmers and his Belgian colleague, Jean-Claude begin a 300 kilometer transect through the Empty Quarter to arrive at the project site.  Unfortunately, it occurs on the night and day of a horrendous shamal windstorm.

That debilitating windstorm, becomes a lens, through which they describe their Empty Quarter transit…with its numerous impositions on life forms…its strangely powerful historic froth…and its stark black and white reality…with or without water…with or without life.

They begin where the Rub al Khali meets the Gulf, along the growing megalopolis that is the Gulf coast of the UAE.

Episode 5 has nine Parts.

Part 01::Chalmers’ Lenses::A Westerner reading the desert landscape::dur=01m45s

Part 02::Preparations::Background and collaboration::dur=02m34s

Part 03::Ashura Redux::Shamal curtails chit chat::dur=02m18s

Part 04::Historical Landscape Transect::Jean-Claude reveals his Empty Quarter past::dur=12m31s

Part 05::Dubai Landmarks::Memorable landscape elements::dur=04m47s

Part 06::Desert Street Trees::Environmental anomalies::dur=01m47s

Part 07::Al Qurm::Mangroves and humans::dur=06m34s

Part 08::Carbon Credits::The Masdar medina::dur=02m09s

Part 09::Sabka Groundcovers::Botanicals migrating from rural to urban::dur=05m32s

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