The 23 Club Episode 6 Rub Al Khali Inland

The 23 Club, Episode 6::duration=36m13s

Chalmers and Jean-Claude had started the Rub Al Khali landscape transect amidst the growing megalopolis that is the Gulf coast of the UAE.  Now, they are being truly impeded by the relentless, smothering, shamal.

As their transect path turns inland, out of the humid coastal influence, into the heart of the Empty Quarter, all intensities are magnified, all viewing lenses are distorted…or are they?

Episode 6 has six Parts.

Part 01::Desert Sirens::Sand desert stimulates testosterone::dur=03m27s

Part 02::Lunch on the Spice Route::Simple pleasures over centuries::dur=08m42s

Part 03::Tropic of Cancer::Unbundling science::dur=08m28s

Part 04::Hameem::Not quite beyond food for survival::dur=05m04s

Part 05::Destination 5-Star::Protecting a view::dur=06m21s

Part 06::Transect Map::Visualizing the route::dur=02m45s

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