The 23 Club Episode 7 Liwa Qsar

The 23 Club, Episode 7::duration=39m55s

Chalmers pursues his project work.  He meets key people in the project process of building a large, five star, resort destination in the Rub al Khali, a place where no one has ever lived.  He finds them every bit as strange…as powerful…as itinerant…as unpredictable as the desert itself.  Chalmers begins his dance with the Empty Quarter.

Episode 7 has five Parts.

Part 01::The Dream::An holistic view of the Empty Quarter::dur=01m17s

Part 02::Kelvin Isley::New Zealand pragmatist explores this desert::dur=08m31s

Part 03::Morphogenetics::Other worldly Empty Quarter::dur=07m53s

Part 04::Bob Rosenwinkel::How this project will be built::dur=06m37s

Part 05::Marwan Abourachid::Rooting out project process problems::dur=07m50s

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