The 23 Club Episode 8 The Nursery

The 23 Club, Episode 8::duration=31m51s

Chalmers unbundles a tangled mess around a large knot in his first effort to resolve a large part of his project process problems.  Unbundling is one thing, making a solution that works, that fits the budget, that resolves all quality and schedule issues…that is something else.  Chalmers will have to invest a lot of skin in this game.

Episode 8 has six Parts.

Part 01::Pirates::Commercial horticultural logistics::dur=02m19s

Part 02::Entry Experience::Naive expression::dur=06m13s

Part 03::Thomas George::Do it right::dur=05m02s

Part 04::Digging In::Contractor is not in the game::dur=03m00s

Part 05::Golf Cart Caravan::Commonalities and quality control::dur=07m59s

Part 06::Making It Work::Get control of the money::dur=05m53s

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