Crystal Vision


A mid-career American expatriate landscape architect, well established in a Saudi Arabian new town on the Red Sea, had constructed a neat cocoon of a professional world where he controlled large design projects at his pleasure, only to have his cocoon torn apart, his life turned inside out by a colleague’s suicide and reduction in force, forcing him on a pilgrimage out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to places where landscapes distract him from his objectives and garden discoveries teach him things about himself…he had never imagined.

2017 Update Beta005

Table of Contents

  • Who is George Moleson?
  • Thin Strip
  • Ban Muang
  • Vrndadevi
  • La Feuille Verte
  • Zurich
  • Locus Iste
  • Blumisalp Stubbe
  • Lauterbrunnental
  • Second Death
  • A Nile Mystery

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