Yellow Dreams


An American university student, majoring in landscape architecture, has one more design class to complete for graduation—a term abroad and he has chosen Morocco. Using the beautifully tiled, colored and patterned public water fountains in the medinas, he plans to count people—a simple ‘turn-up-every-day-and-count’ metric exercise. He thought it would be simple; but it wasn’t. Ayisha Qandisha and other djinns from North Africa, West Africa and Central Africa are determined to get a piece of the Western fresh meat.

2017 Update Beta004

Table of Contents

  • Design Study
  • Garden of the Hesperides
  • Landscape Architect
  • The Seven Months
  • Two-Wheeling in Belgium
  • Two-Wheeling in France
  • Spanish Silver Lute
  • Tangier Chronicle (in five parts)
  • A Collection of Curious Tales
  • Epilogue

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