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Lets have a discussion on project control of the movement from design through construction, through 12 month installation maintenance to permanent maintenance.

This is about design, its success and its sustainability.

Lets look at MENA resort destination or other 5-star quality projects—Middle East and North Africa—projects funded by oil wealth. Specifications are written 90% of the time according to either USA or UK standards. Both of which you can find extensive references online.

In order to generate discussion and thought, I want to share a couple key points that can make all the difference in the implementation of your project design.

1. Write your own measurement and payment sections of specs for all design elements.

2. Make sure you have approval sign-off for all your sub-contractors when the general contractor puts them out to bid.

3. Make sure you are in attendance at all pre-contract meetings with the general contractor.

4. Make sure you have line item vetoes on all sub-contractor progress payments for all parts of your works.

5. Make sure you have properly detailed maintenance specs for the contractor’s 12 month maintenance with the understanding that those twelve months will occur while the facility is under operation–which always has a higher overhead and specific requirements for maintenance workers.

6. Make sure that you have monthly reviews of maintenance work with contractor and line item sign off on monthly maintenance payments.

7. Make sure to work with facility operator during turnover to new landscape maintenance team at the end of 12 months–invitations to bid, bid documents etc. then follow up with monthly reviews until confidence warrants quarterly and bi annual inspections.

At each of those items your project design could fail. You must have front end driven control of money and quality.