IBN Battuta Mall – A Not So Ordinary Mall

Dedicated to Ibn Battuta–a Dubai mall.

♥ The Lone Traveller ♥

IBN Battuta Mall

This will be my first post since I moved here in the UAE.  There are a lot of things that I wanna share with you guys but for now let me show you one of the best malls here in the UAE.  The design of this mall really captured my attention.  This is not your ordinary mall because the design itself is something you cannot find anywhere. 😀

It consists of six courts, each of whose designs are inspired by some of the countries visited by the great Moroccan Berber explorer, Ibn Battuta.  These courts are Egypt Court. India Court, China Court, Andalusia Court, Persia Court and Tunisia Court.  The Ibn Battuta Mall is a large shopping mall on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai close to Interchange 6 for Jebel Ali Village.


IBN Battuta Mall

IBN Battuta Mall


IBN Battuta Mall

IBN Battuta Mall

IBN Battuta Mall

IBN Battuta Mall


IBN Battuta Mall


IBN Battuta Mall

I was also impressed with the little things that they put on…

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