9 thoughts on “Your path…

  1. It’s funny because as soon as I read: “Discover what happens to you at the edges of the clouds”…The response was immediate “you dance”.
    There’s quite story behind this because I have a chronic illness/disability and am not that mobile. My 10 year old daughter is a dancer and I drive her to lessons and concerts and watch the older dancers and the Principals and over the last six years, something changed in me and in the last year, I started seeing myself dancing and speaking through dance, which was quite a radical shift.
    Anyway, an adult ballet class started up at the studio 5 weeks ago and I signed up. My expectations were very low and thought I’d be sitting in a chair most of the time. I thought if I can only learn to hold my hands like a ballerina, I’d be happy.
    However, I was quite amazed because I really took to it and am largely keeping up. I feel exhilarated after every lesson and feel I’m expressing a buried part of myself.
    It’s also been great to find acceptance and i dance with a great group of women and a couple of blokes and we have a hoot.
    I’ve been enjoying watching the paralympics and hearing how the athletes, in so many cases, responded to a catastrophy in their life by turning to sport and how they’ve gone on to become elite athletes. I’ve never thought of sport in that way. I’ve turned to writing and reading instead.
    It’s looking like I need to do some more cloud gazing!
    xx Rowena

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  2. I was lucky to spend 2 months in France, Italy and Spain in May. Climbing the mountain roads around the Col de Cayolle really inspired me. The memory of the forests and scenery will live with me forever.

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