Is that flower wild?

Or is it just having fun?

I had the joy of observing these two patches of flowers yesterday.

One is wild in the woods and the other is wild in the garden. Judging books by their covers, are we?

But someone has written that having a book in your pocket is like having a garden in your pocket. Then where do the wild flowers belong?

But anywhere you find them, they are a discovery pleasure of spring.

IMG_0761 (1)

Wild in the garden


Wild in the woods


6 thoughts on “Is that flower wild?

  1. A Taxonomist shared with me these details on the wild plant in the woods,
    “This species is wild. It is not native to North America, but has been present outside of cultivation in North America since the mid-19th century or earlier and is now thoroughly established as a wild species. It can be fund in relatively undisturbed, lightly shaded sites, but also occurs as a lawn and garden weed and is considered obnoxious because of its rapid spreading. It is variable, with some relatively dwarf forms well adapted to withstand mowing and foot traffic. The scientific name is Glechoma hederacea. Common names include Gill-over-the-ground (applied just to this species) and Ground-ivy (less exclusively applied). II suggest we avoid the name Creeping-Charlie, which, although a relatively recent addition to the English language, has become applied to so many different species that its use obscures rather than clarifies communication.” from Mr. Pringle at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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